Package Updates

Package Updates#

Generally, we do not pin package versions in our Dockerfiles. Dependency resolution is a difficult thing to do. All this means that packages might have old versions. Images are rebuilt weekly, so usually, packages receive updates quite frequently.


We pin major.minor version of Python, so this will stay the same even after invoking the mamba update command.

Outdated packages#

To help identify packages that can be updated, you can use the following helper tool. It will list all the outdated packages installed in the Dockerfile – dependencies are filtered to focus only on requested packages.

make check-outdated/base-notebook

# INFO 3/8 (38%) packages could be updated
# Package     Current    Newest
# ----------  ---------  --------
# conda       4.7.12     4.8.2
# jupyterlab  1.2.5      2.0.0
# python      3.7.4      3.8.2